My Music

“River of Dreams is quite accessible, the kind of music that’s easy on the ears, and it has a definite Mozambican flavor; it’s been very well received in Europe but has yet to receive its deserved recognition in the US…”Caipirinha Lounge

“River of Dreams é um álbum bastante acessível, de fácil e suave audição, com claras influências musicais moçambicanas; tem sido muito bem recebido lá pelas Europas mas ainda não obteve o mesmo sucesso cá nos States…” –Caipirinha Lounge

“River of Dreams is high class jazzy, elegant and with clear roots to the southeast African styles. The music is well composed, played with catchy riffs and beautiful singing. It has a complexity well known from the region’s rhythmical traditions and melodies that shows his upbringing with Gospel singing as well as the international music presented on the Mozambican Radio throughout his childhood.” –WOMEX

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